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    Hot products


    The LED jet dispensing machine is a new generation of automatic dispensing equipment, has a relatively good dispensing technology in the industry application of these aspects, can be applied to more industries, dispensing technology is improved, is equival

    Desktop LED lamp bulb dispenser is used for dispensing a small bulb production equipment, need to use special equipment, because LED bulb with ordinary lighting is not the same, the products need to glue and draw a circle, so you need to use with the corre

    LED lamp production using visual automatic dispensing machine, dispensing machine is generally large more, because the LED tube is relatively long, and the large visual LED dispenser may be a lot of configuration, the configuration can play many roles, suc

    Six axis dispensing machine is now the most popular products, many enterprises do not know what is the six axis dispensing machine, six axis is actually a double station dispensing machine, the dispenser is in the market to rise soon, the market now not ma

    As the LED lamp bulb industry a good product, can be used in the industry of LED glue dispensing machine is very good, also for mechanical LED glue dispenser for dispensing machine in Shenzhen, each company is different, so in the choice of glue dispensing

    LED pneumatic automatic dispensing machine is a function of the dynamic pressure for dispensing equipment, and generally used for dispensing equipment of the electromagnetic valve is not the same, but this also has dispensing good advantage, can achieve ra

    LED light tube dispenser as one of the first choice of dispensing machine equipment, also known as LED ball bubble dispenser. LED industry total production bulb is relatively large, the annual needs of the bulb is a huge number of data, there will be oppor

    Peristaltic packaging dispenser is also known as precision point package dispenser, if some fine analysis, there are some differences between the two dispensing machines, peristaltic dispensing machine is to use peristaltic pump to control the flow of glue

    Application case


    Table type high speed dispensing machine in the LED industry is a relatively good dispensing technology, LED tube top is very high for the dispensing, dispensing velocity and dispensing accuracy are the necessary conditions, only this dispensing machine is

    LED packaging industry is generally used pneumatic automatic dispensing machine is the main equipment, the use of a dispenser there are certain advantages, make LED lighting package more perfect, pneumatic automatic dispensing machine has the advantages of

    LED dispensing machines are generally used for energy-saving lamp industry, it is with the dispensing machine production positioning is to have a great relationship, because almost all the dispensing machine according to industry needs, not manufacturing a

    Floor type dispenser machine is very large and complete functions, mainly used in LED light industry packaging adhesive work, due to the need to achieve multifunctional dispensing mode, internal problems very much, which is plagued by noise ...

    The manufacturing process in the lighting industry, the production steps of the reason, must use the dispenser to dispensing of lighting, lighting can be made, because there are many types of lamps, lamp type size used are not the same, the more common are

    Machine fittings


    The quality of the dispensing work is often used to see whether the fitting has good functions, good make dispensing accessories product quality compared with other common parts quality is better, the quality of enterprise future era, the use of good acces

    Latest information


    Do you know the price of lamp bead package? Why are the prices of the lamps and lanterns on the market very high and some of them very low? Mainly is the problem of production technology, for example: the use of high-end dispensing equipment for light emit